How Do I Bid?

How Do I Bid?


To bid on a Hang With the Band auction register as a user of Hang With the Band and log in to your account. Click on the “Place Your Bid” button for the event you want to place a bid for (each event has it’s own minimum bid amount). You will be required to pay a one time non-refundable activation fee of $10 to participate in auctions. Type in the dollar value of your first bid and enter it. The first bid you place must either be the minimum bid amount specified for that auction or any multiple of $100 above that amount. You may further increase your bid as often as you like in $100 increments or any multiple thereof. You may never decrease or retract your bid. Each auction has a specified number of “winning placements” as stipulated in the corresponding Events Details page for that event. You will be able to see your numerical rank by logging into your account. While bids are placed by other bidders your rank may change from moment to moment. You can keep track of that activity by refreshing your page while logged in.

All bids are time stamped so that in the event of a tie, the person who bid first will get the higher ranking. Note that there may be benefits or extra activities associated with higher final rankings from auction to auction. Any such benefits or activities will be specified on the Event Details page of each respective event. If you end up in a winning position at the end of the auction you will be sent a Paypal invoice for the amount of your final bid at auction close which you must pay to secure your final ranking.

If you do not end up in a winning ranking as per the Event Details of the Hangout you are bidding on you will not be sent an invoice and will not be required to pay your final bid amount.

Note that some auctions may be subject to a minimum bid reserve. Auctions for Hangouts where there is a reserve are designated as such in the Event Details section describing each respective event. A Reserve Auction is an auction in which there is a set minimum bid amount that must be met in order for the event to proceed. If the auction closes and the reserve is not met then the event or Hangout will not take place as described and any bids placed will become null and void. When a reserve amount is met or exceeded, however, all bids that meet or exceed that amount become binding and the winning bidder or bidders is/are obligated to make payment for his or her purchase at auction end as per the Hang With Band Terms of Use. Hang with the Band Reserve Auctions are “blind” in that no one but the seller knows what the reserve price for a given auction is. A bidder can, however identify if a reserve has been met or not by either of the two following phrases at or near the top of the event description section and/or at the auction page:

  • “Reserve not met – Keep bidding!” indicates that a reserve price has been set for the listing and that bidding has not yet exceeded this price.
  • “Reserve met – The Hangout is on!” – indicates that a reserve price has been set for the listing and that bidding has exceeded that reserve benchmark. The event will proceed as described and any subsequent bids that continue to exceed the Reserve amount are eligible to win the auction.

You must be 18 years or older with a valid credit card or Paypal account to participate in any Hang With the Band auction. Some auctions for events with multiple ranking winners (i.e. the top ten ranking bidders get to attend the event) will allow you to bid for yourself and up to one other person so that you may attend the event together. In this case the person you are bidding for must also be a registered member of Hang With the Band in order to participate in the event. If you are bidding in an auction for an event where there is only one winning bidder (i.e. the number one ranking bidder wins the entire prize) then refer to the Event Details of that package for the number of attendees you may bring with you to the event.

See the Hang With the Band Terms of UseTerms of Use for complete bidding rules.

Good Luck!