How it Works

Hang With the Band event can be that unbelievable, out of the box, extra special gift for the person that has everything or it can just  be just a fun party that you can share with your friends.  It's also a perfect incentive reward program for your company's top achievers or a unique experience to offer your VIP's. 
Your dream Hangout could be with a musician, an actor, an author, comedian, or any prominent public figure. We'll help you choose an appropriate celebrity who is available and fits within your budget. Once we determine who you want to Hangout with, we'll arrange for an amazing itinerary. Hangouts consists of a series of fun interactions that can include, a meet and greet, an intimate performance, dinner or even a night on the town! It can last as little as a few hours or for entire evening. Every experience is custom catered to the requests of the guest and the comfort zone and limitations the celebrity but rest assured. It will be an experience that you and your guests will never forget!. 
From time to time Hang With the Band will announce celebrity hangout auctions whereby you'll be able to bid on a spot or spots for an event with a pre-set location, itinerary date. Hang with the band will post details of these events including the terms, conditions and bidding procedures and rules. Check back from time to time to find out who's gonna' be hanging out next time or sign up now for notifications by clicking here.