PAST HANGOUT: Rick Springfield

PAST HANGOUT: Rick Springfield


The Rick Springfield Hangout in Las Vegas. was a blast for all who were lucky enough to be there.

It was truly an international “Affair of the Heart” with guests traveling from as far way as Rick’s native Australia to be a part of it.

All 22 got a relaxed one on one meeting with him complete with a personalized autograph and photo. They were then treated to an intimate unplugged solo mini-concert by Rick!

Rick was great with his audience, taking requests and stopping in between, during and after songs to joke around, give personal insights on the tunes and share his feelings about the day and what was ahead.

For the 12 lucky auction winners, what was ahead was the surreal experience of adjourning to the dining area where they shared a casual gourmet meal with their Idol. For dessert, Hang With the Band rolled out a customized surprise Birthday cake which Rick, after a pause and a grin, began to devour by recklessly grabbing a handful! The fun was contagious as everyone else at the table then proceeded to take turns, helping themselves to a piece with their bare hands……of Birthday Cake :) . After the meal, later that evening all the fans got first class limo transportation to and from Rick’s full band concert not to mention front row/center seats for all of the auction winners! It was a fitting way to cap off yet another fun and exciting Hang With the Band event!

Afterwards everyone raved about their Ultimate VIP Experience with Rick. “Amazing”, “A dream come true” and “I’ll remember this forever” were just some of the comments from the fans who shared memories and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Rick himself told us “I’ve never done anything like this before” and mirrored the feelings of those who attended and all of us at Hang With the Band when he added “I had a great time!”

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